About ME
Hi! I am Yao Jian. I am an illustrator based in Minneapolis, US.
As an illustrator, I create works with a playful appeal. I use colors to tell stories as they have qualities that can trigger different feelings and emotions in people. 
As a storyteller, I create child-centered stories and seek to portray narratives that balance fun and learning. My stories emphasize the feelings, relationships, and objects that populate a child’s experience. 
I wish you could feel the happiness in my art =)

Finalist, Silent Book Contest 2021
Juror's Award, Made at MCAD Exhibition
Merit Award, iJungle Illustration Award 2020
Selected, Brightness Illustration Award 2020
Selected, dPICTUS Unpublished Picturebook Showcase 2

Feel free to contact me here or email me at: yaojian.dd@gmail.com

Korean Service Center, "Love Letters to Planet Earth" Podcast, Golestan Charity Foundation, so on.
Thank you!
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